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Join a dedicated learning community for exploring mythology, culture, and emerging masculinities.

The Mythic Masculine

What is The Mythic Masculine Network?

We are a community of all genders who are exploring masculinity through a mythopoetic understanding. Grounded in scholarship, language, and relationship, we are inspired from the dialogues featured in the Mythic Masculine Podcast and many other sources. 

We invite you to journey with us as we discover new ways to navigate meaningful conversations of culture and practice with each other and the people and places to which we belong.

Who is the MM Network for?

Whether you come from the first wave of the Mythopoetic Men’s Movement with folks like Robert Bly or you have arrived with a troubled curiosity about the state of the masculine within yourself and the dominant culture, we welcome your questions, perspectives, and contributions. 

This is a dynamic learning space, shaping itself to the gifts of its members and courageously exploring topics from multiple angles. If you are longing for meaningful connections crafted from bold and informed explorations of topics such as  archetypes, rites of passage, ritual, poetry, ancestry, and more -- join us in this space that is inspiring a second wave mythopoetic movement that is suited to the times we are in.

How it works

Facebook and chat rooms are focused on quantity, here we are committed to quality. Genuine wonder, meaningful contact, and respectful discourse are the hallmarks of this Network. 

Each month, we release a New Moon Theme, which provides the focus for our weekly practices and lines of inquiry. Unlike the singular plunge of a weekend retreat, this is a descent into deeper waters with a supportive crew of soul divers around you. 

This rhythm supporters your personal capacity to develop and see your own story through a mythological lens - as well as the culture at large.

Member benefits:

  • The Platform: Join an intimate and diverse membership, guided through Monthly Themes and daily questions and practices.

  • Dedicated Men's Lodge (with Women and Non-Binary Lodges to come): Gather with other male-identified folk in a dedicated group to explore the deep masculine.

  • Bonus Podcast Episodes: Get exclusive outtakes and additional interviews from The Mythic Masculine Podcast

  • Weekly Council Circles: Connect in ritual space over Zoom with members from all over the world, speaking and listening from the heart. 

  • Online Events & Screenings: Get access to events like Film Screenings and Live Roundtables, discussing topical themes on emerging masculinities

  • The Mythopoetic Library: Supported by the members, we are gathering and curating the web’s most robust collection of mythopoetic resources currently in existence.

Meet the Stewards:


 I’m the creator and host of The Mythic Masculine. I'm also a filmmaker and writer who lives on the Salish Sea with my partner and young son. For over 13 years I’ve been a documentary filmmaker tracking the global emergence of new culture, from Burning Man to Occupy Wall St. I’ve sought and amplified the voices of visionaries, artists and activists who have been working toward planetary system change. The healing of masculine culture is a vital aspect of this shift. That’s why I launched The Mythic Masculine Network, to bring together the ones who are shaping this conversation into new (and ancient) territory.


I am the community coordinator for the Mythic Masculine Network. I also work with folks as a relationship counsellor - drawing upon my experience as a group facilitator, visual artist, embodied movement coach, and part-time astrologer. Born in Ontario, Canada, I have since been called-to and claimed-by the western lands of British Columbia - where I am in the continued exploration and devotion to the healing and renewal of regenerative human culture. My focus centered on masculinity, mythology, and communitarian research projects - which is how I have found myself in the blessed position of serving the budding community that is the Mythic Masculine Network. 


My work in the world is about relationships.  I am the mother of 5 adult children, an interior designer, a relationship mentor, and have spent 14 years participating and coaching in the field of transformational education. Since 2013, my devotion has been to the creation and delivery of a curriculum I call Revel: The Audacity of Ecstasy; a course I created to help people discover their broken-spiritedness toward Eros and to repair their innate spirit’s expression with their intrinsic soul’s longing for their own distinct, deep and true human experience. What I love to do most is supporting and training people in the discipline of cultivating authentically resilient, vibrant, relations which I believe to be the basic elements of holistically sustainable environments.

Plus, many more Co-Stewards who are tending the space.

What members are saying:

"Hard to see the screen for weeping. Wish I had more money to give you for all the magic in this site and its marvelous members, its beyond any mythic dragons hoard. Here I have discovered friends and new horizons, fresh ways to engage with my sons and challenged my own crude masculinity. Step aboard this ship and be amongst a marvelous crew who sail the mythic oceans, while the titans of old fill the sails towards high adventure and tender courageous hearts." ~ Tricky Singer

I feel such a resonance with this hui, this group. To watch for new forms coming up on the horizon as the sunsetting of patriarchy is obviously falling all around us...this is my treasure hunt. I think I've found my peeps!! I have been looking for a place away from the usual watering holes of social media connections, and this is feeling like such a solution. I had no idea that this kind of circle was even possible. ~ Kanani Aton

“The Mythic Masculine Network has been able to offer me insight, ideas, culture, community and connection at a time when I need it the most.” ~ Zain Burgess

“From the start, The Mythic Masculine Network continues to be a nourishing, inspiring community for me. This is a place to explore deeper thoughts, express myself, and witness others around the world who are doing the same in their way. I love this group so much. Thank you for this precious collective.” ~ Erika Rado

Why you should join us:

In case you're still on the fence, here's some more reasons to commit.

  • Develop your ability to see, think, feel, and speak mythically

  • Deepen your connection to place, culture, and community

  • Track the power of myth and ritual in your psyche and soul with fellow seekers.

  • Forge meaningful relationships with those who share your drive for myth, wonder, and purposeful living

  • Share your gifts in an inclusive, receptive space in service to the regeneration of a healthy masculine culture in the world.

Scholarships available

It is our goal that no one is turned away due to lack of funds, especially those from underprivileged populations and regions in the Global South. If you would like to access a partial or full scholarship, send us your story at 

Any final questions?

For membership questions or technical issues, email 

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